Welcome to Republican party

I would like to welcome Froma Harrop to the Republican party. Her column “Seven habits of highly effective resisters” (Jan. 4) is exactly what every Republican has preached for years. The seventh habit she mentions is "get out and vote" at every level of government. The other six, according to her, will give the "Democrat" the time to do the seventh. Wow. You are saying Democrats are too busy on Twitter to do what is important. You tell them to quit worrying about what Trump is saying and get out and vote. It is almost a broken record but it all preaches the same thing: Your 'Democrat' priorities are all wrong. I agree.

You also insult Democrats by saying they are not voting enough. Actually, Froma, Democrats do vote when they feel they have someone who will listen to them. All the formerly disenfranchised voters came out for Obama. They stayed home for Hillary. The same happened for Trump. People who did not feel represented by McCain, Dole or Romney came out and voted for Trump. So you managed to do some vital conservative training and insult Democrats in one column. You will make a fine addition to the party. Welcome.

Bill Muscella

Quaker Hill

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