This gun owner supports sensible controls

Regarding school safety and semi-automatic high powered weapons: now is the time to show support to our governor and others who put in place Connecticut’s stricter gun laws.

As a gun owner and 2nd Amendment supporter I feel strongly that there is no reason that anyone should be able to go to local stores or online to purchase these killing machines called AR-15s. Weapons such as these should at the very least require a much higher qualification in order to own one.

The doctors treating the recent victims in Florida were appalled at the amount of damage the AR-15 does to a body.

It’s a huge difference from almost any pistol. Add the fact that a shooter can fire a 30-round clip in about 30 seconds and one can wonder why only 17 kids were killed in Parkland, Florida.

Please, now is the time to speak up to help control this problem. Support companies who stand up to the NRA.

Support our Sen. Chris Murphy who has stood up. Surely somewhere in the NRA’s thinking we can find some common sense! We don’t need another horrible event here or anywhere else in our country.

James Quarto


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