If they back NRA, don't vote for them

Any politician who has an A+ rating given to them by the National Rifle Association deserves an F- at the polls in November.

As a gun owner, I am a strong advocate of the Second Amendment. However, my opinion of the NRA has drastically changed given their callous response regarding the mass murders of children. I believe the NRA’s ethical and moral fiber has been eroded by a growing membership consisting of hypersensitive paranoid gun owners, conspiracy theorists and alt-right hate groups.

In the military I fired an AR-15 and can say with conviction that these weapons have one purpose, to slaughter lots of people in a short time. As a vocational school instructor for 31 years, I believe any legislative action to arm teachers is absolutely ludicrous.

Young adults have started a movement that is long overdue and responsible grown-ups must support them at the polls.

Elect legislators who encourage bans on large capacity magazines, military style ammunition and rapid fire assault weapons, and who also insist on comprehensive background checks and raising the legal age to purchase a gun to 21.

Rich Metsack

Old Saybrook

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