Scandalous behavior by Norwich utilities and energy co-op

Something is wrong with the Norwich Department of Public Utilities and the Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative. The payoff for former board Chairman James Sullivan hurts; no transparency, no vote by directors. Isn’t he the Sullivan who had his Congress lady join him on his sojourn to Kentucky and was reimbursed for about $1,000 to cover her travel costs?

Isn’t he the former chairman of both the DPU and CMEEC who was paid lobbying fees? The harassment payment is another example of the entitlement philosophy. Rules do not apply!

Now we hear about the audit appointment by CMEEC of the same firm that has been checking their books. Why did they not find the Derbygate trips during their normal audits? Then the same firm is appointed now. Something's wrong.

Consider the new salesman hired for $140,000 plus; no experience with energy, but a super salesman for the NRA promoting guns!

We learn that his father was on the same commission as the CEO of CMEEC! Favoritism?

Perfect timing to spend our money to hire someone whose philosophy is not accepted by sensitive and caring people.

Martin M. Rutchik


Editor's note: CMEEC is seeking new bids for an auditor.


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