Doesn't hate Trump, but doesn't like him

Shawn Hannity, a successful broadcaster and commentator, dropped out of college from financial difficulties. He worked in construction and bartending prior to the media. So how does he know more about climate change than the scientists? Like President Trump, he believes climate change is a hoax. Apparently they’re smarter than the scientists and most of the nations of the Earth. Fox News is now backing up their admiration for Trump by declaring most of the other media outlets and U.S. citizens to be Trump haters. What?!

We’re not Trump haters. We don’t like liars, bullies, adulterers, racists, egomaniacs, know-it-alls and jerks. We love our country.

Laura Ingram said she’s known Trump over 10 years, and therefore knows he’s not a racist. No offense, Laura, but the Justice Department sued Trump twice for not renting to black persons. He was fined $200,000 for removing black dealers at the request of high-stakes gamblers at his casino; refused to condemn white supremacist; believes President Obama wasn’t born in the United States. He's trashed Native Americans and attacked Muslim gold-star parents.

Hopefully, Fox News evaporates with Trump. Peace! 

Steven A. Birt


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