Hypocrites in the pews, leader in White House

President Trump's victory over evil was truly a historic miracle bolstered by the support and answered prayers of devoted Christians. We are blessed with a strong, fearless leader backing campaign promises to pro-life voters with decisive action including appointments of conservative judges. In stark contrast to presidents Obama and Clinton, Trump chips away at tax funding for Planned Parenthood and is a champion of religious freedom.

Sadly,there are still churchgoers who make a show of piety then vote to perpetuate the heinous slaughter of unborn children by way of abortion. How can any Christian justify this pagan, barbaric atrocity that has cost over 60 million innocent lives since 1973? Most loathsome are the overwhelmingly Democratic politicians flaunting Catholic identity while shamefully mocking church teaching on abortion and the sanctity of marriage. They sell their souls for political expediency and a few pieces of bloody campaign silver.

America seems hell bent on suppressing Christianity, yet God in his mercy endeavors to save us from ourselves, bringing forth great leaders in times of crisis. President Trump is a political General Patton whose colorful image, hard-driving personality and stunning success as a commander were at times overshadowed by controversial public statements. 

John C. Goodrich


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