What we need is a robust democracy

Scott Aument’s op-ed, “Saving our state is what election’s about” (June 29), attempts to rebut David Collins’ scorching indictment of Donald Trump, “State’s election is about Trump, not Malloy” (June 23).

Aument blames Democrats for all Connecticut’s woes, ignoring substantial roles played by Rowland and Rell. He points to the booming national economy, ignoring that it is based on smoke and mirrors. When short-term benefits of the tax cut are gone, ballooning debt will give the Republicans reason to eliminate Medicare and Social Security. Aument should consider how many depend on them to keep their lives “pleasant, affordable, and livable.”

Aument argues everyone should vote Republican to ensure a robust economy. Economies come and go. What we really need is a robust democracy. Despite cries of “witch hunt,” 20 people have been charged with interference in the last election. The evidence mounts and still Trump embraces Putin. What collusion?

Every voter should think seriously about what they can do to save America from autocracy and ruin. It’s not voting Republican. Trump scorns democracies, admires dictatorships. Perhaps he wants to have one? Voters need to thwart that impulse by electing Democrats. Short of that, we can only hope Putin grants Trump asylum when he petitions for it. 

Terri Roper


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