Why does Congress protect Big Pharma?

Reported, “Trump team, Canada officials carry on talks,” (Sept. 6), the present administration is carrying on with talks about international trade with Canada. The article noted that U.S./Canada issues where Canada protected dairy market and America plans to protect some drug companies from generic competition.

I find incredible that our congressional representatives are decrying Big Pharma’s propensity for raising exorbitant drug prices while at the same time limiting the government from negotiated price reductions for drug use in Medicare. Medicare is reported as being on the verge of collapse due in part to the high cost of perception drugs yet nothing is being done to protect it.

Generic drugs are those drugs that are the same as a name brand but are usually much less expensive. Our doctors usually prescribe generic drugs for that very reason. Further, these less expensive drugs are sometimes manufactured by the same companies. And healthcare in the U.S. is ridiculously costly compared with other nations.

Our representatives in Congress say they’re there to help but it seems as though they spend more time in front of the camera or raising money for re-election than for us.

I urge all who may read this to contact your representative.

Christopher Mullaney

Old Lyme

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