Keep Groton RTM as fiscal watchdog

Although the upcoming election in November is primarily to elect a new governor and other state officials, Groton voters should be aware that there will also be an extremely important referendum question on their ballot. The question will be to approve or reject revisions to the Groton Charter.

Unfortunately, one of the revisions includes eliminating the Representative Town Meeting (RTM) form of government. This will drastically alter Groton’s government and take away voters’ representation and oversight processes.

The responsibilities of the RTM include reviewing, approving or amending budgets by the town council. The RTM also reviews, approves or rejects supplemental appropriations made by the council over $10,000.

The new charter revisions will replace the RTM with a seven-member finance board which, according to the new charter, “Shall support all fiscal (financial) decisions of the Town Council.” Thus, this change to a Board of Finance will take away the voter’s power, through their RTM representative to review and approve the town council’s budget on a line-by-line basis.

Doing away with the RTM is a huge mistake and will take away the voter’s say through their RTM representative.

Vote no for charter revisions.

James Streeter


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