Senator Somers, come out and debate

On Aug. 6, I issued a press release suggesting six debates for the 18th District Senate race and also reached out to Sen. Heather Somers’ campaign. I received no response. On Aug. 30, the Politics Club at Stonington High School sent both campaigns a request for student-hosted debates, along with three possible dates. I responded immediately that all dates were acceptable. As yet, the students have not received a confirmed date from the Somers campaign. On Sept. 4, I saw Senator Somers at an event and asked her to discuss debates. She quickly walked away saying she was too busy. Is she too busy to explain to constituents why they should vote for her?

Possibly Senator Somers’ strategy is to rely on her built-in name recognition as an incumbent and reduce exposure for a challenger. Possibly Senator Somers has not developed a coherent economic policy which she is ready to discuss. Possibly Senator Somers is not prepared to defend her legislative record from the past two years. Whatever the case, the people in this district deserve better. I urge newspapers, community organizations and individual citizens to encourage Senator Somers to engage in the democratic process and give voters the ability to make an informed choice.

Bob Statchen

Democratic 18th District candidate



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