How does vote tampering work?

I am writing a question I would like you to answer. At my voting station when I go into vote, they have a list of all registered voters. I give my name and address and show a form of ID. My name is then crossed off the list. I then proceed to vote. If someone had used my name before me to vote, it would show up when I came in to vote that my name was crossed off the list, leading to the question of vote tampering. And of course, if someone came in after I voted, my name would have been crossed off already, preventing him from voting.

Is this the same basic procedure used throughout the state? And do other states such as Florida use the same process? 

I was just wondering, when thepPresident says people are voting, then going out and coming back and voting again, how are they doing it? Do they have a list of people who haven't voted?

Raymond Han



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