Collins was not fair in his Stonington 'brownfield' column

I read a column in The Day paper and though I seldom go back to see who wrote an article this was so bad I found out who wrote it and feel enraged enough to write this letter.

The article in question: "Why is Stonington allowing use of a polluted brownfield?" (Nov. 23) by David Collins. Is your columnist looking to start a panic? If he took the time to drive past the property in question he would see it is chained. If he asked a Stonington High School crew members how many hours they spent on the property in a year, he might get an answer of an hour at most, and only those who helped to move a shell from storage to the Mystic Seaport port at the beginning of the season. During the season the crew team operates from the Seaport. 

Collins questions the testing of the site. From what I'm told, the site has been tested and it has an elevated level of arsenic. Recommended decontamination procedure is to cover area with two feet of clean soil.

The commentary felt slanted and suggested animus toward Stonington First Selectman Rob Simmons. Does that explain it all? Vindictive type writing has no place in the news. 

John Johnstone



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