Don't punish gun owners because of actions of a few lunatics

Just an observation. Does anyone find it odd that we are constantly advised to not judge all Muslims for the acts of a few lunatics but at the same time we are constantly encouraged to judge all gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics?

You can't legislate against lunacy! These sick individuals have no regard for laws. We already have strict laws and mandatory background checks prior to purchasing guns and or ammo. Any idiot with enough smarts to turn on a computer has access to a multitude of bomb recipes or step by step directions on how to poison our water supply, etc. They are obviously insane but they are not necessarily stupid. Example: The Unabomber. He didn't need a gun to wreak havoc for over a decade.

Adding more restrictive gun laws to the books would be futile. We, the honest, law-abiding gun owners already abide by the existing laws. So what's the point?

Tom Miller

East Lyme


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