Voters for Greens should consider joining

Waterford has seen a staggering increase in voter turnout in recent elections, and yet the number of individuals willing to serve parties or to serve as candidates for office has not followed suit.

Over 1,015 Waterford residents went to the polls and voted for candidates on the Green Party line in 2017, totaling over 28.9 percent of the total votes cast. This November, over 235 residents did the same in the state election. Despite the overwhelmingly favorable results at the polls, though, the number of Waterford Green Party meeting attendees has not significantly increased. 

I believe we need to hear more voices in our government, not fewer. Therefore, I encourage all local residents to get involved with parties and to run for office. 

The Waterford Greens will hold their Annual Meeting at 10 a.m. on the lower level of the Waterford Public Library on Saturday, Dec. 29, and will use that meeting to start considering the 2019 elections and to elect internal party officers.

Everyone is invited; I hope that independent voters will attend that meeting to learn more and that readers who align more with the Democratic or Republican parties will contact town authorities to find out how you can become active, too.

Joshua Kelly



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