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Elci spreads 'fact-free myth'

I saw the reason given by The Day for having a conservative voice on the editorial page. Unfortunately, in the age of Trump, “conservative” voices like Lee Elci’s have come to be spreaders of fact-free myth; as in his op-ed, “Protect the border, focus on the needs of Americans, particularly veterans,” (Jan. 10). 

First, he quotes inspiring words inscribed on the Statue of Liberty, recites some more inspiring words to try and boost his credibility, throws out some irrelevant questions, and then poses falsely equivalent arguments, presumably to address these questions. Some of his questions could be relevant in an honest context, but he is not honest. His approach constitutes a misdirection equal to lying. Repetition of such lies is the same technique used by Donald Trump to fool his base of support and is clearly harmful to everyone. 

Truth is the most important component of a working democracy. The truth is that the Trump border wall would be unrelated to resolving any of the immigration problems recited in the Elci op-ed as well as any actual immigration problems. We should all support our congressional delegation and Speaker Pelosi in saying “no” to “the wall.” 

Jeffrey Kulo



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