No Obama fan, but Trump could learn from his 'dignified stability'

I’m a loyal Trump Republican who believes the president is America’s last hope to confront the multi-national intelligence network he calls “The Deep State” that is shielded by what he calls “the False Media,” which for 40 years has failed to advise Americans on the most exhaustive investigations into the conspiracies surrounding the deaths of John F. Kennedy and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

As a nominally homeless Honolulu teenager, I was familiar with Barack Obama's circumstances. Among his mentors was Frank Marshall Davis, an avowed communist who ended up on the FBI Security Index. As a result, I was no Obama fan. To this day I pronounce his name as “O'Bummer.”

However, the past two years have provoked in me a totally unexpected nostalgia for one aspect of Obama’s chief executive tenure that, like myself, most Americans took for granted. There can be no denying that Obama was, even by long established presidential standards, a paragon of dignified stability.

I suspect President Trump's slash-and burn tactics are now the norm in national politics and sadly remember singer Joni Mitchell’s, “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” Now that it’s history, I do miss Obama’s admirable virtue of dignified stability.

Martin Crane

New London


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