Trump is a joke, but this reader is not laughing

President Trump’s dialogue and his hissy fit tweets show he’s not fit for office. Trump blaming forest fires on bad forest management and comparing it to Finland’s forest raking and cleaning, that was laughed about by our Scandinavian allies.

He’s friendly with evil dictators and at his lowest ridiculed a deceased war hero. What a coward.

Is the economy better from Trump’s actions? During Obama’s last six months jobs increased an average of 181,000 a month. Trump’s first six months they increased by 179,000 a month.

The job growth created by Obama was progressive and more in tune with the environment. Trump’s jobs increased primarily in mining and manufacturing from deregulation. This may improve the economy short-term, but what happens when working conditions become deadly from climate and pollution related disasters that increase disease, birth defects, infrastructure destruction and a list of other atrocities?

He cut taxes on the very wealthy, or 1 percent of the population, to create a trickle-down effect. Yet, when you concentrate all the wealth on a small group without regulated spending, greed causes them to use their money to benefit themselves. If anything, Trump’s made us the world’s biggest joke! But I’m not laughing! 

Steven A. Birt



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