Bad op-ed stuck in the bad old past

The time is now for renewable energy.

Hey, Day Editor, “U.S. energy boom powers our foreign policy,” (March 18), belongs on your bad opinions page as it advocates for exactly what we don’t want. Similar to President Trump “Grab ‘em by the pu$$y” bragging about shameful actions, “The U.S. recently passed Russia to become the world’s top oil producer” is nothing to be proud of in a world where the United Nations IPCC Oct. 8 report warns the world we have 12 years (tick, tick, tick now down to 11) until 2030 to drastically reduce fossil fuel dependence or “face unprecedented climate-related risks and weather events.” And the band played on.

The letter, “Promote off-shore wind, not off-shore drilling,” (Feb. 27), is the answer. When there’s a huge solar energy spill it’s just called a nice day. We owe it to future generations of human and non-human life to transition now to non-polluting renewable energy that’s remarkably projected by 2020 to become out-of-pocket cost competitive with fossil fuels, but comes without the life-threatening externalities.

Earth to Trump, March 15 elementary school students from at least 112 countries around the world went on a climate strike from school and searched for adults who weren’t ducking their responsibilities; they searched but couldn’t find you.

Jay Lustgarten



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