Don't let complaining left suppress speech

It seems the liberals among us are becoming increasingly fragile, triggered by anything that isn't bracketed into their ideological views. The free exchange of ideas is the cornerstone of the First Amendment, but to the garden variety leftist this only seems to apply if those exchanges are sympathetic, not contrarian.

I thought the confluence of the scathing, intolerant letters to the editor condemning Lee Elci's columns, calling for the end of his efforts, and the announcement that Mystic Luxury Cinemas was airing the anti-Abortion movie "Unplanned," drawing threats of boycotts, are both clear indicators of a virulent, intolerant left bordering on the outright pregnant fascism increasingly seen on college campuses in America today.

Keep up the good fight, Lee. Free speech is our domain as a total population, not a selective right for the self-absorbed and ordained, the so-called "progressives."

Kudos to Lee and Bill Dougherty from Mystic Luxury Cinemas for the open doors.

Jim Baker



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