Exempting some from taxes was a big mistake

Our forefathers created the fairest and most equitable tax system known to man. A system firmly based on wealth and one’s ability to pay for services rendered. So, they put X amount of gold/dollars into this said monetary system. And as this money began to circulate and services were implemented, citizens, all citizens, paid into the system with an appropriate user tax. That simple!

Simple in that, if everyone paid for every service rendered, each year’s budget would naturally balance.

Balanced that is until our elected representatives decided to exempt a chosen few from taxes altogether. And these bribes of freedom from taxes for businesses – $5 billion just in Connecticut − have subverted our state government’s fair and equitable tax/service  pay-by-all system.

These selective tax breaks have forced our state and federal governments to, when they could not raise the taxes on the rest of us, to become borrowing economies. Of course, those with wealth gladly lend their money to pay our shortfalls, with interest.

What happens when one is loaned 80 percent of the cost of a car or a home, while only owning 20 percent? Tthey are taxed 100 percent via property tax.

Nobody should get a free ride or have the power to make some free from taxes.

No where is it written in the Constitution to make it so!

Walter N. Way



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