Plans for New London schools' reorganization flawed, writes board member

Superintendents have put forward reorganization plans in the New London Public Schools numerous times in my memory as a school board member. The process is never welcomed by some involved. Plans are proposed and approved or denied by the board.

The current reorganization plan put forward by the first-year superintendent in the New London Schools is flawed.

One flaw is the reality that the board will have to make some budget cuts and, likely, have to cut a few positions on this long list of new positions. It is the board that will decide where to cut. It is the board that will be held accountable for the changes to the administrative structure.

As the current reorganization stands, I will not support the changes at New London High. This is not the time to remove veteran Principal Thompson. I have seen the high school prosper under his leadership. He brings respect to the position. Every time I request a visit, Principal Thompson has welcomed me with open arms. I have seen many positive changes over the past decade.

The plan's roll out was also suspect. The community received a document of the changes with only first names. Transparency is a must.

Jason Catala

New London


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