Help, Old Lyme, beavers have run amok

I recently returned to my beloved neighborhood on Black Hall Pond in Old Lyme. When I visited my 81-year old friend and former neighbor I was shocked to see the damage caused to his property by beavers. His property along Black Hall Pond is under water because of the dams that the beavers continuously construct. The water is so high that all the trees along the pond are now several feet under water.

My elderly friend has tried repeatedly to get help from the Town of Old Lyme only to be told there was nothing they could do. He even was granted a trapping permit by the DEEP only to be ignored by the few licensed trappers. To help my friend, I asked my 20-year old son to try to find the dam. Unfortunately, he was hurt because the flooded swamp at the other end is so dangerous. It is disheartening that there appears to be a lack of support in Old Lyme for property owners, something I did not experience when I resided in the community.

I would appreciate the town helping a man who has lived most of his life in the home that is being destroyed by the beavers and the town's neglect.

Lee Detwiler

Jenkintown, Pennsylvania


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