President's dangerous games can harm our nation

President Donald Trump plays dangerous games with our country. He ran for office to bolster his ego, advance his businesses and line his pockets. He won by lying, cheating, slandering his opponents and assistance from Russians who spread disinformation to unsuspecting voters. He has never taken his oath of office seriously. He does not care about the people he represents. He is abusing his power to take a wrecking ball to our government, our economy and our national security.

Our closest and most important allies do not even try to engage with Trump in spite of the fact that they have supported and fought with American soldiers in our conflicts since World War II. Instead, DJT identifies with murderous dictators who do not believe in democracy.

He has trashed vital partnership agreements that addressed trade, climate change and nuclear proliferation and has done so for petty personal grievances with his predecessor.

Recently, his words have been paraphrased by white supremacist domestic terrorists who slaughtered groups of people with assault weapons.

While we are in danger, he sees himself as godlike and takes no responsibility for the chaos he has created. He cares only for himself. The rest of us are simply pawns in his game.

Deborah Chang

East Lyme


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