Ignore The Day, immigration, stick to New London issues

I'm trying not to be political in this conversation, but the issues about immigration and racism − and how they should be applied here in my lifelong home − is disturbing to me. Be they major issues in Washington D.C. or at the border in Texas or California, but for me, they're not the major pressing issues in my New London, Connecticut. 

I encourage all the political party members, their party chairman/chairwomen, and their candidates to focus on only the current New London major issues that affect the lifelong residents. Do not feed the fire by letting The Day, which is only out to sell newspapers, bring these national issues to this New London mayoral election. 

Because, knowing both as lifetime friends I can assure you they − Republican mayoral candidate Martin T. Olsen Jr. and Democratic Mayor Michael Passero (Marty & Mike) − are both remarkable men, but neither one has the answers to the national issues that appear to be tearing the United States apart. 

Jeff Suntup

New London


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