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Drop renewable 'toys,' invest in nuclear

Opposing shorelines. What a paradox! On one side of the Thames River, an industry is in the works to assemble anachronistic windmill generators while on the other side the most efficient energy systems have been percolating away in our submarine fleet for 70 some-odd years. The quixotic windmills are not only hazards to navigation and birdlife, but they themselves are noise, visual, and greenhouse gas polluters. They require the use of substantially more of the insulating gas SF6 per kilowatt hour than the big power stations' switchgear, as do all those solar-panel farms that take up farm and forest lands.

It has been reported that the leakage of that gas in Europe in 2017 was equivalent to putting an extra 1.3 million cars on the road.

The advocates of so-called renewable energy are living in cloudy cuckoo land. Certainly, the benefits of nuclear power generation of cleaner energy outweigh those renewable energy toys.

A good first step would be to put a stop to the Lego-like wind assembly project in New London so the piers can continue to be used by energy-efficient railroads and ships for the bulk transport of goods.

Ed Ettinger



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