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Progressive presidential candidates would strip away rights

The rhetoric from the progressive-left candidates for the president’s office grows louder as they slash and burn their way to the top spot to challenge President Trump in 2020. What most citizens of the Republic notice is what they are willing to slash and burn on their way to the top. If you haven't guessed, it's the Constitution of the very government they want to preside over. Make no mistake about it, their goal is to open the Constitution for change and attack, the very soul of a document that has served as a bedrock of freedom for our nation.

The left does not believe this nation needs a defined border. It does not believe we have a right to defend ourselves. Recently, a U. S. representative speaking on gun control stated there is a big difference between a "deer rifle and an AR15 rifle." The point is the Constitution was not worried about a threat from a deer! The concern was keeping our country free from the tyranny of all governments, foreign and domestic.

I challenge the left to address the mass shootings occurring in their large cities first before they come for the guns of law-abiding citizens. 

James L. Miller



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