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Urging Trump voters not to repeat their 2016 mistake

To Trump supporters: I understand why you may have supported Donald Trump in the 2016 election. We all sometimes wish that we could shake up Washington for the good of our nation. I do not understand why you still support him today.

This is an individual who has told over 12,000 lies or misleading statements. Is that the kind of person you want as a role model? Explain to your daughter why it’s OK to molest women and grab them by the p----? Please explain to your friends why it’s OK to cozy up to brutal dictators who are our sworn enemies. Is it because they have secret information about Trump's sexual and financial misdeeds?

You helped elect a lying two-bit conman and huckster who has bankrupted his companies multiple times, cheated his employees and failed to pay many subcontractors. He has betrayed his country by becoming a Putin puppet and an apologist for Russia, North Korea and Saudi Arabia. Now he has violated his oath of office again in an attempt to discredit his presidential opponent.

Under President Trump, things like human decency and tolerance have become relics of the past. I hope that you will examine your conscience and help undo what you helped create in 2016. 

Stephen J. Negri



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