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Many reasons to vote for Trump again

A letter, “Urging Trump voters not to repeat their 2016 mistake,” (Oct. 14), was a perfect example of Trump Derangement Syndrome, a widespread and pathological illness attacking the minds and hearts of liberals everywhere. The writer, obsequious and condescending in his tone, just cannot fathom how a 2016 Trump voter could repeat the same mistake in 2020! He then goes on to present a list of phony Trump sins and hurl a few rather insulting, un-American slurs at the president, which sadly reveal an obsessive hatred for a man who has honorably and generously served his country, putting its own citizens first. President Trump has ignited a resurgent economy by cutting both taxes and harassing regulations. He has championed life and appointed conservative judges who will in future do the same.

Our president has stood up for our friends abroad and challenged the enemies of freedom everywhere, including those who lurk in the shadows here at home. Not to see all this truly makes one a "deplorable" and subject to horrific nightmares on the evening of his re-election. 

Peter Wilson



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