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To assure fire safety, Montville needs change

Montville is in desperate need of coming up with a plan for fire protection and EMS services for the future. The current council and administration has done little to address the demands. The total number of paid firefighters is 10 employees with a paid deputy fire marshal and fire marshal on the payroll.

Most of the calls for service are ambulance in nature and the four fire companies operate with a degree of autonomy in this area. As all the towns are suffering from a declining base of manpower resources, Montville is no different.

What has the administration done to address this problem? How well educated are the town councilors of the problem in the fire service? What is the attrition rate of paid firefighters this year?

If the councilors and mayor keep ignoring the issue, there is no doubt that Montville will be the next train wreck in The Day. Vote for politicians who will address the problem.

I have no faith in Democrats or Republicans who are currently in office, unless they take some initiative to understand the problem. Stop listening to a few people who are not telling the true situation. Vote for people who will promise to address the problem.

Michael Hillsberg



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