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So-called 'scandals' driven by politics, media bias

The fact that people believe there were no scandals under President Obama is proof that mainstream media is not doing their job and slants left. To mention a few, have you heard of Benghazi, IRS bias, Fast and Furious and Solyndra? Antifa, Black Lives Matter and anti-police mentality were born under Obama. The truth is that after almost four years of investigations there is no proof of wrongdoings of President Trump and the so-called scandals all fabricated. Democrats have a guilty verdict in search of a crime. In case you missed it, our own Senator Chris Murphy was caught in a lie on Channel 8 News, when he said the Ukraine president told him Trump pressured him to investigate Joe Biden. Rep. Adam Schiff constantly lies, four Pinocchio’s from Washington Post, but Democarts are never called out on it.

Media and Democrats keep pushing their lies and brainwashing the sheep. Conservatives are not racist because we believe all are equal and no one special. We are not white nationalists because we put American citizens first. We are not against women’s health care because we don’t think babies should be aborted near full term. We are not haters if you are triggered by a red hat!

Judy Moran



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