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Trump has earned the loyalty of the 'Caucasian Working Class'

The letter, “Make America great again: Dump Trump,” (Nov. 7), questioning why anyone supports President Trump is easily answered. He provides the most exploited and repressed constituency in America − the Caucasian Working Class − with a long denied voice.

In 2016, Trump shocked political cognoscente by mobilizing armies of Caucasian Working Class folks into a force that virtually overnight transformed a Republican Party primarily concerned with augmenting patrician wealth into a Caucasian Working Class voice demanding we receive the same constitutional rights and privileges as peoples of color, welfare recipients and those who deviate from sexual norms. Blasphemy to the latter, but ambrosia to the Caucasian Working Class.

It was our Caucasian Working Class that fought the wars, transformed the wilderness into civilization and paid the bills to establish a nation with precepts proudly proclaiming every citizen has a voice. Yet, over the past half-century, that ostentatious proclamation was proven brazenly hypocritical. While our hardest workers got steadily poorer in a dramatically increasing prosperity, our voices were drowned out by charges of racism, sexism or fascism whenever we disagreed with the galvanized minorities who commandeered mediums of public expression.

That is until Trump revolutionized America by speaking up for a Caucasian Working Class that will gratefully support him to the very end.

Martin Crane

New London


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