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Financial advice can be worth the cost

As a retired certified financial planner, I applaud the advice of Liz Weston about costly financial advice ("Here's what bad financial advice costs you," Jan. 12.) I would like, however, to clarify one point. If you are working with a certified financial planner, that person is required by the Financial Planning Board to act as a fiduciary working in your best interests in their investment selections. I want to add that in that capacity they might charge you about 1 percent for their services. This is not a bad thing.

Yes, you might get a return of 6 percent rather than 7 percent, but had you not used that CFP's knowledge and experience and instead invested on your own, you may not have achieved even 6 percent. So just be aware that there is a small cost involved for help in reaching your financial goals. That cost itself is an excellent investment. 

Linda Mock

East Lyme



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