Day liberal slant doesn't match its customer base

It would not surprise me if in a few years there is only a Sunday edition of The Day.

I believe that the circulation problem the Day faces is significantly exasperated by the content. You get much of your information from the Washington Post and the AP. Both have a very heavy liberal bias, which is then amplified by you in your headlines, placements, and editorials.

Your problem is that many paying customers are not that liberal. In fact, your real customers fit the old saying that “Connecticut is the land of steady habits.” In other words, they are not liberals that want to support politically correct left-wing causes.

In the case of the impeachment, nowhere do you describe the superficiality of the charges, how they fail to meet constitutional requirements, or the fact we are a few months away from an election, where the people decide their president. Nowhere do you inform your readers about the consequential and huge number of lies and false statements by Rep. Adam Schiff.

Remember his surefire evidence that President Trump was guilty of Russian collusion? This was given heavy veracity because he was chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Robert Mueller found this to be bogus. The Day reported very little.

Bill Vogel

Former Republican Town Committee chairman and mayoral candidate

New London



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