Proud to have served Waterford as treasurer

I was first elected town treasurer in November 2001. I thoroughly enjoyed the experiences and interactions with financial personnel inside and outside municipal government. This saga began a couple of years after retiring from Pfizer in 1997 when the late Betty Bresser asked if I would run for the Waterford treasurer’s position. My background is engineering, and I had no experience in elected office.

Months prior I had preached to family members about having responsibility to serve in our community. I stressed that an objective, informed, and engaged citizen is critical to a successful democracy.How could I now decline this opportunity to at least engage and not try to participate. With some sage political tutelage, I won the election (a surprise to me and the party!).

I wish to take this opportunity to acknowledge Waterford voters for the many times they have shown confidence and satisfaction in my performance as treasurer. I would also like to acknowledge the many town personnel whom I interacted with for their professional and friendly cooperation. Starting a new and different career is certainly a broadening experience!

B. J. Pisacich




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