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Power of a free press was on display

The March 21 issue of The Day contains a letter by Paul Choiniere, Editorial Page Editor, defending his policy erring on the side of diversity when publishing letters from readers, “A note from the Editor about recent Lee Elci column,” (March 20). Coincidentally, one day earlier an example of his diversity policy appeared on his Opinion page when two letters were published side by side, each extremely divergent from the other in respect to opinions of the Trump presidency.

One letter submitted by a Ledyard resident, “Trump destroying America, and his minions helped,”; the other from a Florida resident, “Setting record straight on President Trump,” both on March 19.

The Ledyard letter was obviously written by a "Never-Trumper" and expressed dire consequences to our lives, economy, and dangers from the coronavirus as long as Trump remains in office.

The Florida letter was obviously written by a "Trumper-Forever" and proclaims extreme praise of our president's performance, his decision making and unquestionable leadership. The most forthright president in at least three decades, in the writer's opinion.

Two letters written by focused individuals with strong emotions supporting their positions. They have not changed how I will vote in November.

What has influenced me is that freedom of the press to publish opposing political views must be maintained and free of consequences from any source, even the presidency.

Maintaining this freedom of the press will influence how I vote in November.

Mike Gouzie



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