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Single-use serving containers are the way to go for now

It is such encouraging news to see that our state is preparing to gradually reopen businesses like restaurants, as reported in The Day’s article entitled “Towns scramble to help restaurants reopen” (May 12). Understandably, things will be very different as we continue to maintain social distancing and wearing face masks when going out.

During the shutdown, our family has been happy to support local restaurants like Olio, Paul's Pasta and The Shack by getting take-out each week to help them stay in business. There’s no question about the challenges ahead as they work to rebuild their businesses under these new public health guidelines.

I, for one, hope restaurants continue to use sanitary, single-use items, for serving food in the coming months — much like they do now for take-out. It would certainly make me feel better in this “new normal.” Frankly, restaurants in Connecticut should have as many options available to them as possible, given what their businesses have endured over the last several weeks.

Lindsay Nolan




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