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Cuomo shepherded New York, he can lead nation

Froma Harrop’s May 22 column, “Andrew Cuomo for vice president,” struck a chord with me. New York Governor Cuomo will forever be remembered as New York’s chief executive who educated and comforted the entire nation during this terrible pandemic. He took command while the president was AWOL — too busy undermining appointees who contradicted him, subverting national health directives, peddling loony cures, and violating hygienic safety protocols.

Andrew Cuomo, with the grace, magnanimity and wit of a fellow New Yorker, Franklin Roosevelt, shepherded his anxious constituents “over the mountain” of uncertainty and fear, earning their trust and demonstrating greatness as a leader.

I watch his press conferences daily and especially enjoy his stories and occasional popup tests — recently he quizzed reporters on the site and date of the first Memorial Day celebration. The answer (which none of them knew): Waterloo, N.Y., 1866.

Harrop believes the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden should invite Gov. Cuomo to join his ticket, which at this point seems unlikely. But Cuomo, who is only 63, has a bright future in national politics. Perhaps someday he will follow his predecessors Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt into the White House — and he will have my vote!

Anne Carr Bingham




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