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Use of wire services undermines Day's claim of independence

While I agree with the fact that cutting out the editorials at some newspapers is a giant step backwards in the printed news media world, we should keep in mind that editorials are opinions and not objective factual news. The response to those editorials in the editorial page then becomes a narrative driven usually in sympathy with the content of that editorial. So, on the editorial page of liberal newspapers "their truth becomes fact," as former Vice President Joe Biden is so fond of saying.

But I find it strange that in Connecticut, which the Democrats carry by a five to ten percent voter advantage, that we don't see more balance in the reader responses on the editorial page? I for one would like to know why that is. Perhaps Gannett (which has eliminated editorial content at some of its newspapers) already knows the answer, as well as the rest of us − that folks just like our news straight up, based on factual news, and that is what will sell more newspapers.

The reprints from the Associated Press and The Washington Post cast doubt on your claim of being an independent newspaper.

James Lee Miller




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