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Don't lecture me on politics, Mr. DiMauro, focus on sports

Yes, stick to sports, Mike DiMauro. “Sorry if failing to ‘stick to sports’ makes you uncomfortable,” (June 2).

These athletes, the millionaire elite, have nothing to talk about. They are using the system for their own goals. Pay police officers like pro athletes and then you might have an even playing field.

A police officer was called to a store and this officer did a horrible thing. He needs to be prosecuted along with the other three. This police department failed to act quickly and now we are all paying the price.

Arresting a black or white person happens every day. You do wrong, you deal with the consequences.

Many years have passed, and these same issues remain. Why is anyone surprised? We support candidates that promise change, but that change never comes due to political parties refusing to work together. I have seen it over and over again.

Mike DiMauro, I do not need athletes to lecture to me. Or you, for that matter.

Again, stick to sports.

Patricia Wagner



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