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Protect free speech or risk thought control

Long ago I wondered how countries like Germany were able to turn people, born and reared normally, into monsters committing atrocities as adults. I wondered if the same thing could happen in America.

Eventually, I realized the Nazi’s made every soldier, regardless of rank, aware that if they did not perform atrocities, their own families would become victims. General Rommel is said to have committed suicide to save his wife and child.

During the Vietnam War, U.S. college student groups opposed to the war stopped war support speeches on campus, and developed sympathy for North Vietnam communism.

The news media also turned against the war. America became depicted as the evil aggressor. The universities became indoctrination centers, graduating one class after another, using gang violence to shut down free speech. Political correctness became the only acceptable speech.

When one party gains control over a country’s speech we have seen demigods develop. Free speech, which fosters moderation and negotiation, must be protected in our universities and government, because one-party government and speech control can permit a demigod to develop in America, and put fear into the heart of every individual.

Howard Flora




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