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How to assure success of mail-in ballots

The Post Office delivers over 450 million pieces of mail in a day. What if we focus on temporarily reducing that workload? What if, for one week before the deadline for postmarking mail-in ballots, we slow all other mail down?

We are the Post Office! We send personal mail. We buy things online that are delivered by the Post Office. We work for, and maybe own, companies that send mass mailings. Right now, we could begin noting who sends each of us mail and begin circulating write-in campaigns and petitions to request that those companies hold off on their mail for one week. Or maybe we could color code the ballot envelope so that only that piece is processed during the height of the voting season.

Collectively threatening economic sanctions against companies that junk mail us in October alone would probably do the trick! As I said, the Post Office delivers over 450 million pieces of mail each day. We only need to make one day’s difference.

Richard Rossi



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