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Dubitsky doesn't represent her interests

This is addressed to Rep. Dubitsky:

I recently listened to your debate with Kate Donnelly on WINY, and you said you "truly consider all of us (constituents) as family" and you represent everyone in the district. I just want to say that is most assuredly not true!! You have never, not once, voted the way I would wish you too — ever. I do not feel if I had a problem in Connecticut that I would be able to turn to you or your office for help.

You voted against paid family and medical leave; climate change education in our schools; raising the minimum wage; banning bump stocks and banning ghost guns; banning conversion therapy for our LGBTQ students; zero interest loans for federal workers forced to work during the government shutdown last winter.

I disagree with you on every single one of these issues. Please do not think for a moment you represent me, because you do not!

Marilynn Higgins




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