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Hands off lawn signs, please

I want to ask that the childish behavior please stop.

In recent days, I have had a couple of Biden-Harris campaign signs taken from my front lawn. (Two weeks ago, a Biden-Harris sign was taken from in front of my neighbors across the street.) Sadly, this is the typical behavior expected of the Trump campaign and "his people." ("So, I told my people, slow down the testing," so I told my people, slow down the voting.) If you want the Biden sign, please have the courage to knock at the door, introduce yourself and ask for it. If you are wearing a mask, I might like to meet you.

I realize that the Trump administration has little understanding and less use of facts, truth, history and science but I find it funny that if printed, more people will read this letter to The Day, criticism of Trump and support for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris than would have seen the Biden-Harris lawn sign driving by the house.

James D. Stephenson

New London



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