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In 47th vote Donnelly, she believes science

Kate Donnelly is running for state representative in the 47th District. Her wisdom, compassion and experience are sorely needed.

Kate is a long-time proponent of alternative energy sources, clean transportation options, and the jobs they create. The 47th District needs someone who understands climate change.

Kate supports paid family medical leave and affordable health care for all Connecticut residents. She supports tax relief for seniors and veterans, and to help fund these initiatives Kate proposes closing tax loopholes for the top 1% and corporations.

Kate’s opponent, Rep. Doug Dubitsky, seems to believe in science only when ideologically expedient. He has voted against teaching climate change in schools. He brought a lawsuit against the Department of Education for requiring face masks in schools, while schools in our region are abandoning on-site education because of rampant COVID-19 outbreaks. His “expert witnesses”? A psychiatrist and ophthalmologist, neither with experience in immunology.

Dubitsky has voted in favor of e-cigarettes, bump stocks, and leaving guns in unlocked cars. He voted against outlawing conversion therapy, paid family medical leave, and increasing the minimum wage.

The 47th needs a state representative with a social conscience and a belief in science. Doug Dubitsky has demonstrated neither.

Nancy Burnett




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