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Goulart says she is the change New London needs

Many things come to mind when I think of New London, not the least, “potential.” We hear it time and again. Yet the city has failed to realize it decade after decade. It is time we make necessary changes so New London will finally be the region's shining star.

As the saying goes, "If nothing changes, then nothing changes." New London has been under Democratic rule for a long time. The seat for the 39th House District has never been held by anyone other than a Democrat.

No one will argue that Rep. Anthony Nolan is not a nice man. But, is he capable of delivering what New London needs? Moreover, has he delivered since he took office? If you look deep in your heart, you will find the answer is a resounding, “no.” Nolan is an extension of the same party that has driven New London into economic ruin for decades, and will continue to do so if we keep voting them in.

So, I ask, are you happy with New London’s progress − or lack thereof? Is your family better off than it was two years ago? Ten years ago? If you cannot answer those questions in the affirmative, then make a change. I ask you to consider me as that change and trust me with your 39th District vote. 

Kat Goulart

New London



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