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Why did mob get into the Capitol?

Like millions of Americans, I was glued to the TV on Jan. 6 watching a mob of anti-democratic zealots storm our Capitol Building, terrorize members of Congress, destroy the people’s property, and try to stop the lawful passing of power under our Constitution. But this was not the most shocking thing, as it was obviously coming ever since the election Nov. 3 when Donald Trump began encouraging the disruption of the electoral process. His drumbeat has grown for two months, culminating in his encouraging the crowd on the Mall that day to head to the Capitol. We knew that mob action was coming.

No, what was most shocking was watching the mob stride through our nation’s Capitol Building after smashing doors and windows to get in while the police stood by in the rotunda and watched them walk through. That was after watching the few police on the balcony outside fade away as the mob stormed the building. The Capitol Police are experienced in mob control. They have controlled crowds far larger than this threatening to get out of hand. There is no obvious reason why they could not keep this mob out of the Capitol.

Why did this happen? We need to know.

Elizabeth Raisbeck




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