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Never forget lessons of attack on Capitol

I am a centrist. During my life I have voted for people on both sides of the aisle. I just want to make clear I am not some kind of Bolshevik. I am also a registered Democrat. As such I have never been prouder to be a “scumbag.” Mr. Rando, if you have not already, it is time to take down the sign. At least please remove the image of our flag from it, because seeing it there sickens me.

My grandparents fled oppression and pogroms to make a new life in America. My father fought against tyranny in Europe in World War II and won a Silver Star. To Republicans currently serving in office up-ticket and down: your four years of appeasement, blindness and cowardice have disgraced their memory. On your watch you have allowed America, the America I love and the America I want for my children and grandchildren, to have a near-death experience.

I will remember January 6, 2021 the rest of my life. I will never forget. And come election time, I will never forgive.

Ethan Weiner

East Lyme



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