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Ousting Trump will prove to be a big mistake

To my Republican and Democrat friends who voted for America to have a socialist government, you have done something that no foreign army could have.

While I know you were bombarded with constant negative reporting about President Trump by CBS, NBC, ABC, the internet, and local newspapers − all saying he did not do anything good − he really has accomplished many wonderful things for the nation: rebuilt our military, reduced taxes and medical costs, created the best economy and lowest unemployment for all, provided real medical care for our veterans. When a virus bomb emerged from China, Trump's administration delivered a vaccine within nine months (not the usual five years). He built a wall to secure our southern border, guided the U.S. to energy independence, and brought peace between Israel and about six Arab nations.

Q. Why was President Obama given the Nobel Peace Prize after being in office for only 10 months (for doing what?) while Trump, with four peace-prize endorsements, did not get the award?

Etc., etc. ...

So, be happy my friends. You and China have put America down on one knee. But myself and 74 million other Americans know you did wrong. Hang onto your wallets, and forget about $2 gas; its departure will be first result of your big mistake.

Robert A. Manfredi



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