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Major parties must reform primary process

By channeling political dialogue towards issues and away from the personalities of demagogues, our two-party system has been the vital source of stability, reason, moderation, and compromise in American politics since the Civil War. Yet a rogue like Donald Trump, never a party faithful who was unwilling to pledge support to the eventual 2016 Republican primary winner, somehow managed to win the primary and then the presidency. In the bitter end, not surprisingly, he was disloyal to his party and the Constitution by supporting the Democratic stimulus bill and blocking ratification of the electoral college vote, respectively, which cost the Republicans control of the Senate.

Fearing that independent Senator Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist, would likewise be a destructive outsider, Democratic Party leaders wisely forged a successful coalition around a more centrist candidate during the primary. But now we are left with one-party rule and the threats from its radical members to preserve it through structural changes to the Supreme Court, the Senate and statehood.

Presidential primary reform is necessary to restore party coherence and funnel demagogues towards third parties, where they belong. Otherwise, the chaos will continue.

Edward Kleinman



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