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Dear Mr. Bumgardner, please resign now

As a city resident, I am requesting that Groton City Democratic primary winner Aundré Bumgardner resign from both his nomination for city mayor and position on the Groton Town Council. Your actions, such as the timing of you announcing your candidacy when many in the City of Groton (myself included) were unable to register to vote in the primary, is just one of the numerous underhanded and unsavory things you have done.

You cited restaurants, small businesses that you take advantage of by sitting in a booth all day to conduct your business, for your contraction of the COVID-19 virus. You then went on a “listening” tour when you were exhibiting symptoms. You continue to exhibit a lack of maturity, social intelligence, and responsibility.

Mr. Bumgardner: you are not fit for office and lack the fundamental skills to be our mayor. You are unable to compromise with others and then throw tantrums, block your critics on social media, and default to a “victim” position when challenged.

You lie out of both sides of your mouth, something that no doubt led to your singular term as a state representative. You set a poor example of leadership for our citizens and a worse example for our children.

Steve Artale




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